I started by brainstorming about what kind of games I most enjoy playing - something in the 4X, supply-chain, Zachlike, city-building style. So I decided to have a go at making a space-themed supply-chain game. There wouldn't be any combat or enemies - it tests your ability to manage a well-balanced economy and keep your citizens happy. Everything would be done by building structures, and I loved the idea of zillions of adorable little spaceships ferrying cargo all over the place on the player's screen.

The distribution of planets and resources is random, so you might need to choose between putting things close together (which makes the supply chain more efficient, because materials spend less time in transit), or selecting the optimal planets for every structure.

I got the basic engine working after a couple of weeks, then spent another week building a 6-level tutorial and optimizing out some truly embarrassing inefficiencies. You can play the tutorial on this page. Find the source code on GitHub.